Demos & 'How To'

Demos & 'How to'

A selection of demos created here at Imagine Design Create and links to demos on how to use the products we sell in our shop & online

Papercraft Tags Advent Calendar
In my family home we love Christmas and the build up to it. We decorate the house until it looks like a grotto with a range of festive decorations most of which are handmade. Each year we create something new to add to our collection, this year we created a paper craft tags advent calendar to hang over the fireplace. Instead of filling it with sweets & treats like we do our other advent calendars we fill this one with sentiments, jokes and instructions to find gifts we have hidden around the home.

Equipment: 25 Tags (or create your own tags) - Sheets of number stickers - Gems or chosen embellishment - Selection of festive papers - Square punch or create a card square template - Scissors - Glue - Pencil -  Ribbon -  Mini pegs.

1. Cut out 25 squares from your chosen paper. If using a selection of different size tags you will need different size squares. Measure them up against the tag to make sure you get the desired look.

2. Carefully add a fine line of glue to three edges of your square (on the reverse side of your patterned paper) then stick the square down onto the tag ensuring that the glue less side faces up to create a little pocket. If you are going to be filling the calendar with chunky items make sure at this point to give yourself â€ËÅ“wiggle roomâ€ââ€Å¾¢ in the pocket, to do this put your pencil inside the pocket as you push down the edges as this will give you a nice gap in the pocket (you donâ€ââ€Å¾¢t need to do this if just adding folded paper).

3. Repeat step 2 until all 25 tags have a square of paper on each creating a pocket.

4. Arrange your tags into the order of your choice, once happy add the numbers. Begin with 1 and continue until you have labelled each of the 25 tags.

5. Use your embellishments to decorate the tags, we kept ours quite simple by adding gems to the corner but you could do something more elaborate with each tag or even just on the special number 25.

6. Fill each tag with your choice of item, we chose to fill ours with sentiments, jokes and instructions to find hidden presents that we planted around the house. You could also add small sweets or lollies.

7. Cut your ribbon to the length required & then peg up your advent tags. We chose to tag them up in numerical order but you could mix them up. TA DA â€â€Å“ You now have a beautiful papercraft tags advent calendar to hang in your home.

How to Decopatch

a step by step guide to decopatching (photos uploaded soon!)

Step 1
Choose an object & decopatch paper. Your object could be anything, one of the mache creations designed specifically for decopatching or an item from around them home.

Step 2  
Cut or tear your paper in to small pieces. You can use bigger pieces on larger projects but you need to be careful not to create too many bubbles and creases. .

Step 3
Brush some glue onto your object, you only need a small amount don't blob too much on or your item and paper will go soggy!

Step 4
Place a piece of your chosen paper on the glued area. Using the glue left on your brush, paint a thin coat over the paper. Decopatch glue dries clear and acts like a varnish!

Step 5
Repeat steps 3-5 until your object is completely covered. Check there are no bare patches, if there are just patch over them! Once your item is fully covered leave it to dry.

Step 6
You can use a wide variety of embellishments to give your object that extra special look. We love to use buttons, gems, ribbons and bows on our items!

That's are finished!
Now show off your talent by sending us a picture!


Hama Beads
Step by step guide for assembling your Hama Beads crafts

Important: Hama Beads are a potential choking hazard and not suitable for under 36 months. Ironing of designs should only be done by an adult.

1. Place your hama beads onto a pegboard in your chosen design

2. When happy with the arrangement place the board onto a flat surface, an ironing board is recommended as will be safe away from young children.

3. Cover the bead arrangement with the Hama Ironing Paper, ensuring that all beads are covered. With your iron set to â€Åâ€Åâ€Åâ€Å“hotâ€Â, iron your creation carefully but firmly. Move the iron gently from side to side in a smooth slow movement until the beads begin to fuse.

4. When you think the beads have all fused, carefully lift the corner of the Hama Ironing Paper. If any beads begin to lift then replace the paper and iron for a few more seconds.

6. Leave to cool on the board for a few seconds and then remove ironing paper.

7. Remove the Hama Bead Craft from the board. It is recommended that you turn it over, replace the ironing paper and repeat the ironing process once more on the reverse side to give your creation more durability. Placing it under a heavy book or similar for a few minutes after this will help it to cool absolutely flat.
note: If the pattern is for a card or you wish to photograph it, iron on one side only for a more defined finish. We personally only iron on one side as prefer this finish.

Video Tutorials

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