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All about the texture…

Kasia all about the texture

Kasia all about the texture

Today I wanted to concentrate on the technique to create a texture. This can be use on the card or

any other surface. For this project, I used wooden heart. You will need

Stix2 Tri Pak Seed Bee'd and Fine Glitter - Red

  1. Cut out the heart shape ( draw around wooden heart) from the double sided adhesive sheet.
  2. heart2

2. Adhere the double side sheet to the heart, leaving the top layer in tacked. Use your craft knife to cut the first strip. Remove only the top layer on the cut piece revealing the sticky sheet. Spread beads and firmly press them down with your finger. Any bead that did not stick put back into the container.



3. Continue, alternating the beads and glitter till you cover the whole shape


heart 1

4. To finish off I used uplifting sentiment from the weather words set.

Kasia all about the texture


5.Hope you are going  to try this techinque.


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