Pop up box card with Cat Paw Print stamps

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Hello guys. 
I'm stopping with you today to give you a mini tutorial on this pop up box card using the welcome baby a6 stamp set 
paw prints pop up 5
This style of card, for me, is the most fun to make and with a little practice, you can speed through one. They're really a great way of showcasing a whole stamp set to it's fullest. So let's get started.....
1. Cut a piece of heavy weight card stock to 5in high and x 8 1/2in long. Mark along the height at 3in and 2in (top) Mark along the length at every 2in then 1/2 inch at the end of the 3in. Cut away excess. 
paw prints pop up 1
2. Score along all internal lines, barring the 2in horizontals. These need to be cut. 
3. Decorate all 4 'flaps'  on both sides. The base (the 3in high) decorate just one side. 
paw prints pop up 2
4. Use the side tab to adhere a good double sided tape such as red liner tape and form and seal your box. 
5. Cut 2 pieces of card - 3in high x 2 1/2in. 
paw prints pop up 3
Fold either side at approx 1/4in. These then need to be Stuck inside the box as shown. These are the structure on which you'll stick the stamped images.
paw prints pop up 4
6. Now the fun part!! Cut a slither of acetate approx 2 1/2 - 3in long x 5mm for every stamped image you wish to you. Ie, 7 images, 7 strips. Then any extra for extra embellishments you wish to include. 
7. Stamp your images and fussy cut. Stick each image to the top of each piece of acetate using a good strong glue. I used hot glue. 
8. Now stick them all in the box where you wish them to be. Tip: you might want to add in height order from the back graduating down to the front so all images are visible. 
Add some extras to pack it out a bit and don't be afraid to place them at angles. Personally, I think the fuller they are, they better they look. 
9. Finish with a nice big embellishment on the front or a sentiment. 
See how much fun you have. I guarantee once you've done one, you'll catch the bug!! 
Until next week.
Take care

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